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      Technology and Research

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      No.369-13,Caomiaozi Town, Lingang District,Weihai,Shandong, China, 264211.

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      CYD—The 1st enterprise in Asia with the creative & high technologies to research , develop & produce dendtitic polymers

      1The fourth class of new polymer materials??

      Highly branched molecular structure Void space in moleculesA large number of surface functional groups Difficult to crystallize and easy to form filmLow melt viscosity and solution viscosity Unparalleled and prefect nano featuresExcellent solubility and dispersion propertiesMonodisperse molecular weight distribution and nanoscale dim

      2Technical cooperation with famous institution and university

      Keep long-term cooperative relations with Peking University

      Establish the first Academician workstation which focus on

      Establish the ‘’Blue Industry Leader Talent Team ‘’

      3Dendritic polymer structure and excellent properties

      A core inside, void space around the core

      Volume, functional groups and molecular weight can be precisely controlled

      Highly branched, with neat, delicate and perfect structure

      Good solubility, low viscosity

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