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      The 10th International Dendrimer Symposium

      The 10th International Dendrimer Symposium    |    2016-12-02  |   
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      Welcome to

      The 10th International Dendrimer Symposium

      Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

      On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 10th InternationalDendrimer Symposium(IDS10), we cordially invite you to participate in thisinitiative conference.  


      The first IDSwas held in Frankfurt, Germany 1999 and since then the conference has touredthe world: Japan, USA, France, Sweden and Canada etc. It’s our pleasure to getthe first held of IDS in China. It will be hosted by Chinese Chemical Society,organized by Donghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Weihai CYDendrimer Technology Co., Ltd. together. IDS10 will be held in a beautifulseaside city, Weihai, at Haiyue Jianguo Hotel ( No.177 West Wenhua Road,Weihai, Shandong Province) during August 5th -9th, 2017(Reception Date Aug 5th). The conference is aimed to bringmultidisciplinary groups working on dendrimers and hyperbranched polymerstogether and discuss their research. The confirmed reporters include Donald Tomalia,Jean Pierre Majoral, Klaus.Mullen, Takuzo Aida, Ling Peng, Deyue Yan, BenzhongTang etc. Welcome global elites to join us to show your scientific developmentand new ideas.


      ThemeDendritic Polymers towards the Future



      1Biologicalmedicine/ Nano drug

      2Polymerchemistry/ Self-assembly


      4Industrialapplications of dendritic polymers

      5Others, applicationinnovation contest of dendritic polymers


      For more details,please visit: http://ids10.dendrimer.com.cn


      AbstractsDeadline: March 31st 2017

      Abstractsacceptance info date: May 31st 2017  

      Onlineregistration deadline: June 15th 2017

      HotelBooking: from July 10th 2017




      Discounted price$500/person till May 5th2017

      $350/student   (Student's identity card needed)

      Discounted price$300/person till May 5th2017

      The fees includeregistration fee, publication fee and meals fee.


      Contact: Mrs. Congcong Liu, Mr. Gangchang Wang

      Tel: (86)631-5582173/5582236 ; 400-073-0631    

      Mail: ids10@dendrimer.com.cn



             Organizing Committee of IDS10
      Nov. 30th, 2016

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